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How to Clean a Hotel Room

How to House keeping  Guests like their hotel room to be squeaky clean and to smell fresh. The manager of the housekeeping staff or another upper management staff member is generally in charge of making sure that the quality standards of the hotel are followed with regard to cleaning the rooms. Managers supervise housekeepers and inspect the rooms for optimum results and guest satisfaction. Housekeeping personnel assigned to each room are expected to properly complete a series of cleaning and sanitizing duties as outlined in the steps that follow.

Difficulty: Moderate


Things you'll need:

• Clean sheets and pillowcases Clean towels Several cleaning rags Bathroom cleaner Glass cleaner All-purpose cleaner Air freshener Toilet brush Toilet paper Trash bags Amenities Vacuum cleaner Shower curtain replacement

Step 1. Remove dirty linens, towels, and trash from the room and the bathroom. Remove the comforter/blanket. If items are scheduled to be be laundered, remove them from the room. Otherwise, set them aside while changing the bed linens.

Step 2. Put clean sheets on the bed (one fitted sheet, one flat sheet) and clean pillowcases on the pillows. Replace the blanket and comforter. Fold approximately 1/4 of the comforter down from the top of the bed, and set the pillows on the crease. Then pull the comforter up over the pillows back toward the top of the bed. This is the standard way to make the bed in many hotels .

Step 3. Clean the bathroom. Use several rags to prevent cross contamination. Spray the bathtub and shower walls with bathroom cleaner, and wipe them down with a rag. Rinse with water if the chemical you use requires rinsing. Change the shower curtain if it is dirty. Spray the toilet and seat with bathroom cleaner, and wipe it down with a different rag.

Spray bathroom cleaner in the sink bowl and on the vanity surface. Use a new rag to wipe the vanity surface first and then wipe the sink bowl. Spray glass cleaner on the mirrors and wipe with a new rag. Replace trash bags, toilet paper, towels, and other amenities provided by the hotel such as soap, shampoo and shower cap.

Step 4. Clean the mirrors, windows, TV, and phone in the guest room with the glass cleaner. Wipe down any hard surfaces of furniture such as the desk, dresser, nightstand, lamps, headboard and inside of drawers. Remove stains from the carpeting or upholstery with a cleaning product made specifically for carpeting and upholstery.

Step 5. Replace trash bags in the room. Make sure all other items provided by the hotel are replaced, such as laundry bags, laundry slips, do-not-disturb signs, in-room guest guides, and chocolate for the pillows. Remove all rags and cleaning products from the room. Vacuum the carpet, and spray the room with air freshener.

How to Be a Better Housekeeper

Be a Better Housekeeper

There are some people who seem to be able to keep their houses sparkling clean with hardly any effort at all. Then there are those who wish they could be a better housekeeper but just can't seem to do it. Keeping a clean house is an everyday job but if it is done right, the time and work invested can be cut down immensely.

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Step1 .Wash the dishes. Every night before you go to bed, make sure that your kitchen is clean. If there are any leftover dishes then wash them, don't leave them overnight. No one wants to wake up to a dirty kitchen and a sink full of dishes that still need to be washed. If you do this it won't be long before it becomes a habit.

 Step2. Throw away junk. Don't be a pack rat. One of the first steps to being a better housekeeper is not having a cluttered house. If you have something that you haven't used in the last 6 months and it's not important, throw it away. Go through your mail each day and throw away anything that you don't need to keep instead of piling it all up on a table. Get a container just for mail that you need to keep.

Step3. Make a schedule. Write down each day of the week and assign yourself chores for each day. For example, on Monday you dust each room of your house and on Tuesday and Saturday you might do laundry. It 's not important which chore you assign for which day, just that they get done. Remember that there are some things that need to be done every day, without fail, like washing dishes and keeping the bathroom clean.

Step4. Take about 10 to 15 minutes a day to clean. You would be surprised at how clean you can keep your house just by working on it a little bit each day. That is not to say you can't clean any more than that in a given day, just make sure to stick to at least 10 to 15 minutes. Cleaning the living room or kitchen during TV commercials is a good way to keep the house clean without much effort or time.

Step5. Get your family to pick up after themselves. If your kids are old enough, have them put up their toys or maybe your spouse could pick up after himself. This will free up more time for you to clean other areas of your home and help you out at the same time.

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